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Sam is a perfect example of determination and positivity and was always going to be a star! Having achieved his first chart position with his first single in 2008 he said:-
“I WILL BE A WELL KNOWN SINGER, and I will fight for it until I am blue in the face! I will fight until the day I die. I will help people through my music, I will do extraordinary things, I will travel and tour all around the world. I will grow a big fan base, I will perform wherever the hell I want to perform. Nothing will stop me. Nothing. School, and the tough times of school, have made me want this dream even more. I will achieve it. And seeing 'Chart Positions like this', make me feel that I'm worth while, and that I am on this earth for something. I know of adults that forget their dreams and they settle for second or third best. Not me”. Sam 2008

'The Story Of Sam’ this is the true story and the only true record of Sam Smith’s real past. It explains the lost years, how when where, it all really began and how Sam Smith became a global pop star; this is the journey that shaped Sam Smith’s life and career; a transparent, time-lined authentic historical footprint and cultural legacy of Sam drawn from audio, visual, diaries recorded every step of the way by Dee O’Reilly & John O’Reilly and Sam Smith himself.

'The Book Of Sam' Sam was Signed to indie Label V&M Music 2007-2010. It was at V&M that Sam’s dreams were nurtured and his talents and skills uncovered and developed. It’s also where he experienced all this important ’Firsts’ including recording his first album ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’, first tv show, first solo live performances, studio and location video / photo shoots and so on. During this time Sam was an ardent communicator, emailing, texting, calling almost daily and those communications provide an insight into the happy and productive relationship between Sam & V&M plus the remarkable pivotal input made to Sam’s career and life. Every bit of the journey was recorded and documented from which a spectacular creative portfolio was produced by V&M including the Documentary ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ underscored by the Album, a TV Chat Show, Albums, Singles and Books all of which provide a footprint of his journey to global pop stardom and an exclusive cultural legacy of Sam ... and this did not go unnoticed "Smith has the background to succeed and seems to have been groomed for pop stardom” Tim Jonze Guardian 2014

'A Picture Of Sam 2007-2010' - a tapestry of words by Sam, original doodles by Sam and great pictures of Sam.

  • "I have a big ambition. My dream is to be a legend like Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross” Sam 2007 First Chart positions in 2008 “I am in absolute love with my record company” Sam October 2008 "I've gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it’s given me the ability to learn my art” Sam 2009 “I'm planning on sticking with you guys until i die. Hahaha xxx" Sam to V&M Dee & John

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