"Music's meant to help you breathe, fill your life with positivity"

'Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat' is a unique and fascinating insight into the music business - a real eye-opener ... a story ending with a new beginning!

'Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat' is the story of rock artist Ria and her 22 years in the music business, 14 of which she spent with band partners, co-writers, friends - John Conlon and Bob Pearce. Signed to major labels they toured extensively, had their own tv show and wrote and recorded several albums including Sam Smith's first album 'Sam Smith Diva Boy'. © Flipbook TV

  Ria John Bob wrote Sam's first album 'Sam Smith Diva Boy'
© Flipbook TV

Ria John Bob 'Sum Of All Totals' Single & Video
Their talent is immense and persistence an inspiration. The distinct voice of a poet is at work throughout their lyrics which also precis their story while their music explores the most vulnerable of feelings and life's peaks and troughs along the way. underscores a video snapshot of Ria, John, Bob's significant and moving journey through the music business
Co-written & produced by Simon J Pinto
Guitar Solo - Simon J Pinto
Video produced by
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'Ria, John, Bob Walking To A Different Beat' multimedia biography ... their story is published in ...
Words: The Multi-Media Diary of their journey | Vision: Videos and scores of images | Sound: Jukeboxes and Stings
including.... last album - 'illegitimus non tatum carborundum' (INTC) & last single - 'sum of all totals' underscoring a video snapshot of their journey.

Walking To A Different Beat is drawn from authentic audio, visual, text diaries kept from the very beginning detailing every element of their entire journey. We witness their exciting signing to major labels and VIP treatment laid on by those labels and we witness them being indifferently dropped by the same labels.

Their journey gives a first hand, rare and unique, insight into the music business "how it really works and how it really is"

"This is not a sob story; it's about creative endurance, highs and lows, ducking and diving to survive – something to which many people will relate and which is frequently hidden behind the mask of people's perception of what making it in the music business is about. We were literally spat out because of circumstances that had nothing to do with us and a lot to do with a faltering music industry. I would see so many people alongside us that had released a single or an album (making it into the charts) then they'd be dropped and they had no one working for them. It was just the cruelest thing to watch" Ria.

As the Band's journey unfolds it demonstrates that there are many benchmarks for success and clearly illustrates how our response to situations, and not the situations themselves, defines our onward journey. © Flipbook TV

'Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat' published by Flipbook TV ©2019

Singles & Albums:-



Walking To A Different Beat


Eve Sub Rebel


Crisp White Tablecloth


Sheds & Islands


Live at the Bush


Demos & Doodles


More Demos & Doodles


Love Revolution


Another Love Revolution



Pop Opera

Sum Of All Totals