An intentional capture of Award Winning Global Pop Star Sam Smith... as never seen before

2014 - Sam Smith was the only artist in the world to score a million-selling album in the UK and the US. It seemed as if Sam had appeared from nowhere achieving ‘overnight’ success but, Journalist Tim Jonze thought differently.
"Smith has the background to succeed and seems to have been groomed for pop stardom” Tim Jonze Guardian 2014 ...and Tim was absolutely right.
Sam’s ‘overnight’ success was as a result of the three pivotal years 2007-2010 Sam spent with Flipbook Music (pka V&M) where his dreams were nurtured, his talents uncovered, developed and promoted ...all of which allowed his current label, Capitol Records, to ‘spot him’.

At Flipbook Music Sam experienced all his most important Firsts including:- Documentary 'Sam Smith Diva Boy' | One-To-One Interview for TV | Album 'Sam Smith Diva Boy The First Album’ | Dance album 'Sam Smith The Lost Tapes Remixed’ | Videos | Chart Success | Press Interviews | Photoshoot | Live professional performance ...And with a vision for Sam’s future every step of the way was intentionally captured so as to produce a body of work to include a Documentary, Books and Albums, an actual timeline of his journey and an authentic cultural footprint of Sam Smith.
...probably the most unique footage of a global pop star
on-route to becoming a global pop star

"I want to be a star" Sam Smith 2007



'When It's Alright'


'The lost Tapes Remixed'


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