'Sam Smith Diva Boy’
70 min documentary film 2007-2010... the pivotal years in Sam’s journey to global pop stardom

SYNOPSIS of 'Sam Smith Diva Boy'

The narrative is clear and compelling ... a beginning when Sam was an inexperienced copycat singer | a witnessed journey which sees him emerging as a conceptual artist and informed person now ready for his inevitable destination of global stardom | a reflection-review by Sam of those 3 eventful years spent with indie label V&M Music | the beginning of another when major labels, previously unable to see Sam’s potential, finally recognised the ‘now ready’ Sam. Underpinning the narrative of ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ is the central theme of ‘discovery’ charting … Sam discovering Sam, Sam uncovering his own personal skills and arts and Sam experimenting with those discoveries. It is about Sam learning about the music business in which he wanted to be, and was determined to be, from a young child.

We share Sam’s excitement as he experiences all his ‘firsts’ including:- recording his first singles and album, first chart successes, first videos, first live performance, first photo shoots, first radio and PR activities.
‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ is a tapestry of the young artist – an inspiring film which will take Sam to an even broader and bigger audience than he currently enjoys. A stand-alone film but also a crucial part of the full Sam Smith life story.
‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ is a rare and beautiful portrait of a young artist dedicated to a life in music and on the edge of an awesome future.
‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ is an intentional and extraordinary capture of Award-Winning Global Pop star Sam Smith … as never seen before.
‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ is an authentic timeline, an historical footprint and a cultural legacy of Sam Smith.
Sam's own words throughout testify that he recognises the significance of V&M's role in his journey - a role that provided him with the Canvas on which he could, and did, paint the Landscape of his future.

“I’ve gone on an incredible, incredible journey. I love 'Sam Smith Diva Boy' I have grown up with it and I have grown as a person with it” Sam 2009

'According To… Sam’ 45m one-to-one interview
In his very first interview for TV titled ‘According To… Sam’ - he sets the bar high when he reviews, reflects and comments on his journey. He also eloquently and confidently expresses his newly informed thoughts on life, music, love, fame, sexuality and more. This interview is woven throughout the 70min Film but is also a show in its’ own right and a pilot for a new series – titled ‘According To…’. © Flipbook TV

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'Sam Smith Diva Boy'

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'Sam Smith Diva Boy'

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'Sam Smith Diva Boy'


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