“At the moment I’m feeling incredibly found and that video night was MAGICAL by the way!!!! Sam
TV Shows

‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’
Is a Performance & interview
packed documentary
which completes
the Sam Smith Story.

An intentional capture of Sam’s
3 years with Flipbook Music,
it is the most unique footage
of a global pop star in training
to become a global pop star.

‘According To...’ Sam
A Pilot for a new TV series where guests express what and how they think, not who they are or what they do. Sam Smith is the pilot guest and, the ever positive Sam, in this his very first TV interview, sets the bar high.

in Sam's words
"I've gone on an incredible journey"

“I love ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’
I’ve grown up with it and
I’ve grown as a person with it”

"I Want To Be a Star"

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‘The Story Of Sam’
A multimedia Portrait of Sam 2007-2010
“I want my music, personality, look and voice to make a difference. I want to touch people’s hearts. I want to be a star” Samuel Frederick Smith

‘The Book Of Sam’
Sam by Sam - ebook
During his time with Flipbook Music, Sam was a warm, affectionate and passionate communicator. Almost daily he emailed, wrote diaries about his creative journey, texted and called. FBM was always there to respond to and encourage his enthusiasm & commitment. Those exchanges provide an insight into the focussed young Sam. “I want to rule the world with my music” Sam

‘A Picture Of Sam’
words by Sam, pictures of Sam - ebook | hardback
“I have a big ambition. My dream is to be a legend like Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross” Sam x

‘The Art Of Sam’
Demos & Doodles - mutimedia book

'When It's Alright' - one of Sam's favourite song from his first album 'Sam Smith Diva Boy'