Flipbook TV

TV Slate of new shows, concepts, formats, ideas ... 
includes  in development - 2 ensemble drama-comedy series | a musical for TV | entertainment-competition shows | demo'd shows | 90m documentary about Oscar and Grammy award-winning Sam Smith titled ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ which includes 'When Sam Met Bob’ which is how it all began for Sam - no hearsay or superficial fillers … just the facts | a catalogue of ideas. [click here]

Books  include eBooks | DocuBook and new multi-media imprints …The VideoDocuBook | The MusicDocuBook
Book Titles include... '‘The Alphabet According To…’ | ‘My Life On A Stick’ | 'Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat', 32 year music-biz story | ‘Super Delta Three TV’ re-imagined as 'Band TV', chat-music-entertainment series | 'Flipbook Stars' - The Perpetual Biography | 'The Book Of Sam' about and by Sam Smith - a step-by-step capture of Sam’s journey with Venus and Mars Music (V&M) 2007-2010