Flipbook TV

A new brand with a slate of new diverse TV shows, formats, concepts and ideas.  In development ... 2 sitcom series | ’Runaway’ a musical for TV | an entertainment-competition show | A Listers - new chat show format | ‘King Queen & I’ - new entertainment format | Broadcast ready - 90m Documentary – a unique step-by-step capture of how, where and when it all started for award-winning global pop Sam Smith with Sam centre stage throughout … |
Flipbook TV a great portfolio.

Flipbook TV Books - new multimedia books & imprints:-
The VideoDocuBook | the MusicDocuBook | The DocuBook
Titles include … ‘Alphabet According To …’ | 'Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’, 33 year music-biz story providing a unique insight into the music biz | ‘Super Delta Three TV re-imagined as 'Band TV', chat-music-entertainment show x 6 episodes | 'The Book Of Sam’ complete story of Sam and V&M indie label | ‘My Life On A Stick’ – USB Books include 'Flipbook Stars’ - The Perpetual Biography
... Flipbook TV books an interesting catalogue.