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Flipbook TV has a slate of new TV shows, concepts, formats, ideas and books.

Our Books include new imprints, The ... DocuBook | VideoDocuBook | MusicDocuBook.
Titles include … ‘Super Delta Three TV’ | 'Flipbook Stars' | 'Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat' - a 32-year music-biz story. Bob discovered Sam Smith and Ria John Bob, wrote Sam's first album. | 'The Book Of Sam’ - The Story of Sam’s journey with Venus and Mars Music (V&M).

Flipbook Music aka Venus & Mars Music (V&M) - catalogue of recorded & published music.

The Team - Dee O'Reilly and John O’Reilly (Nephew) have been business partners since 1998. Dee has been in the business since 1980 and John (nephew) since 1992 (after a spell in the Royal Navy). Activities, current and past include:- creating the Flipbook group, tv shows, concepts, formats, new book imprints |music recording & publishing | artist development, management, promotion.

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