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Flipbook Music has been signing and developing artists for a lot of years including award-winning Sam Smith. Sam came to us as a 'wannabe' and emerged as 'ready-to-be' pop star ... you know the rest! Flipbook continues to work on music projects for TV and film .... and this includes the sound track album for 'Sam Smith Diva Boy' - Sam's first documentary-film.

Sam Smith Albums
'Sam Smith Diva Boy' Documentary soundtrack
'Sam Smith Diva Boy' Sam’s first Album
'Sam Smith The Lost Tapes Remixed' Kosmo Music
'Sam Smith Live At The Spectator' live album
'MayDay' Sam’s first concept album
'Concert for Haiti' covers and originals

Ria John Bob Albums
'Walking To A Different Beat' RJB
'Shed & Islands' Lovatux
'Demos & Doodles Lovatux
'More Demos & Doodles' Lovatux
'Crisp White Tablecloth' Lovatux
'Live at the Bush' Lovatux
'Eve Sub Rebel' Super Delta Three
'INTC' Ziggi
'Love Revolution' Bob Pearce
'Another Love Revolution' Bob Pearce