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Flipbook Music has been signing and developing artists for many years including award-winning global pop star Sam Smith. Sam came to us as a 'wannabe' and emerged as a 'ready-to-be' pop star on the edge of an awesome future … and that journey is captured step-by-step in his first Documentary Film … ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’.

‘Ria John Bob’ of ‘Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’ “an eye-opening, inspiring music-biz story charting the 32-year, ongoing, remarkable journey of Ria John Bob. Part of their journey includes Bob discovering award-winning global pop-star Sam Smith and working with Sam for the first few years of his music career. Bob tells that story in … 'Sam Smith Diva Boy', Sam’s first documentary film.
Sam also recorded Ria John Bob songs for his first album titled, ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’  and Sam's latest remixed album 'SAM SMITH RELAX 2020.

”I’ve gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it has given me the ability to learn my art”. Sam

"The Ria John Bob story travels a unique long and winding road … and ends with a new beginning”. vivienne best.