Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat

‘Sum Of All Totals’
Underscores a video snapshot of RJB’s epic journey through life and the music business..

“This is a story about creative endurance, highs and lows and ducking and diving to survive something to which most artists and most people will relate but is often hidden behind the mask of people's perception of what making it in the music business is about. So, as well as reading this story, read between the lines of this chronicle and the backdrop of people who fought together, had fun together, the ones that ran away, the ones that died, the ones that survived and everyone who quite simply made this story what it is”.

"Music's meant to help you breathe,
fill your life with positivity”
‘Ria John Bob Walking To a Different Beat’
multi-media book & eBook

Ria John Bob | © Flipbook TV   

Ria John Bob aka Victoria JC Will star in their own tv show titled ‘super delta three tv

Super Delta Three TV

super delta three tv is a kaleidoscope of ideas brought together in an entertaining and thought-provoking show. Victoria JC Will aka open and close the show, perform their songs, give a 6-week tutorial on song writing and interact with guests

The White Pod Each week ‘The Band’ performs their own songs in a pristine, almost sterile, environment.

Window For budding musicians and performers - an insight into the recording studio and the process of writing, recording and completing a masterpiece of pop music to be released at the end of the series.

Something More To Think About Each week ‘The Band’ discuss with guests a topic / issue of their choice. Video Vault ‘A Band’ video is edited into this section. This module can be handed over to a new artist, promo video or a guest’s live performance.