An eye-opening music-biz story of...
Ria John Bob - 22 years in the music-biz ...and the band who wrote the first album for global pop star Sam Smith.

Sum Of All Totals - written by RJB & Simon J Pinto

‘Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’ an eye-opening music-biz story of Ria’s 22 years in music, 14 of which was shared with band partners, co-writers and friends, John and Bob. Signed to major labels worldwide, they wrote and recorded several great albums, toured extensively, gigged non-stop, had their own tv show ...

...and they wrote the first album recorded by Sam Smith - titled ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ about which Sam himself said...
"I've gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it has given me the ability to learn my art” Sam

‘Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’ is drawn from authentic, detailed diaries of their journey in Words: The Diary | Vision: Videos and images Sound: Songs, Jukeboxes and stings including their last album: ‘illegitimus non tatum carborundum’ - 'INTC'. Their last single: 'Sum Of All Totals’ (co-written by Simon J Pinto) underscores a video snapshot of Ria, John, Bob's journey through the music business.

Sam and RJB Their talent is immense and their persistence is an inspiration. The distinct voice of a poet is at work throughout their lyrics which also precis their story while their music explores the most vulnerable of feelings and life’s peaks and troughs along the way.

“This is not a sob story, it’s about creative endurance, highs and lows and ducking and diving to survive - something to which most people will relate but is frequently hidden behind the mask of people's perception of what making it in the music business is about. So, as well as reading this story, read between the lines of this chronicle and the backdrop of people who fought together, had fun together, the ones that ran away, the ones that died, the ones that survived and everyone who quite simply made this story what it is” Ria

"Music's meant to help you breathe, fill your life with positivity” RJB