Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat

Urban Salvation

this single underscores images of social unrest. as featured in Ria, John, Bob’s tv show - ’super delta three tv’ Bob in collaboration with Rob Mark and Oslo of ‘Scripts’

Sum Of All Totals

a single from the Album ‘Walking To A Different Beat’ underscores a video snapshot of Ria John Bob’s epic journey through life and the music business.

Sum Of All Totals

“This book gives a real insight, as never before, into the mighty music industry by a mighty band of three, Ria John Bob”

eBook and multi-media imprints VideoDocuBook & MusicDocuBook

"Music's meant to help you breathe, fill your life with positivity” Ria John Bob
Another part of ‘Ria John Bob Walking To a Different Beat’ journey led to Bob discovering Oscar-Grammy award-winning global pop-star Sam Smith - a pivotal moment for Sam. Bob then worked with Sam for the first years of his music career. ‘When Sam Met Bob’ - Bob tells that part of their story in the book and in ’Sam Smith Diva Boy’ - Sam’s documentary. Sam chose Ria John Bob songs for his first album also titled… ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ and now re-mixed and re-released as ‘RELAX 2020’ and Sam said...

"I’ve gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it has given me the ability to learn my art” Sam


OTHER ALBUMS AVAILABLE: 'Sheds & Islands' | 'Eve Sub Rebel' | Live At The Bush'

‘Ria John Bob Walking To a Different Beat’

An insight into a mighty industry by a mighty band of three, Ria John Bob. If you've ever wondered what life is like inside the music-biz you will find out right here in ‘Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’.  This is no ordinary story but an inspiring and uplifting story of the epic journey of three people in the music world for 32 years - so far.

It is taken from detailed audio, text and video diaries kept, step by step from the beginning by their management… which happens to be the same management that took Sam Smith from the beginning of his music career right up to the edge of his awesome career.

It tells of a creative panoply, nurturing, developing and shielding talent; how those involved took that extra step, developing an environment that allows no limitations and how integrity, mutual respect and time allows nothing but possibility.

It's about highs and lows, ducking and diving to survive - ultimately a story of creative endurance to which many people will relate but unveils what is hidden behind the mask of people's perception of what making it in the music business is about. It demonstrates that there are many benchmarks for success and with belief and patience, success can be achieved with dignity.

It illustrates, as their journey unfolds, how our response to situations, and not the situations themselves, defines our onward journey and, ultimately, our future.

Although this is an intimate account of the journey of three artists it is also a portrait of the life of most performers - the unknown pop idols - and a rare insight into the workings of the music business.

‘Ria John Bob Walking To A Different Beat’ is a story about creative endurance, highs and lows and ducking and diving to survive something to which most artists and most people will relate but is often hidden behind the mask of people's perception of what making it in the music business is about. So, as well as reading this story, read between the lines of this chronicle and the backdrop of people who fought together, had fun together, the ones that ran away, the ones that died, the ones that survived and everyone who quite simply made this story what it is.

The journey of Ria John Bob is the antithesis of instant success - as is the journey of most artists - in that ‘overnight success’ usually follows years of hard work with plenty of thrills and spills along the way.

What will strike you most is the glory of their perseverance

Vivenne Best
viv @ viviennebest.co.uk

Ria John Bob aka Victoria JC Will star in their own tv show titled ‘super delta three tv
Super Delta Three TV

super delta three tv is a kaleidoscope of ideas brought together in an entertaining and thought-provoking show. Victoria JC Will aka open and close the show, perform their songs, give a 6-week tutorial on song writing and interact with guests

The White Pod Each week ‘The Band’ performs their own songs in a pristine, almost sterile, environment.

Window For budding musicians and performers - an insight into the recording studio and the process of writing, recording and completing a masterpiece of pop music to be released at the end of the series.

Something More To Think About Each week ‘The Band’ discuss with guests a topic / issue of their choice. Video Vault ‘A Band’ video is edited into this section. This module can be handed over to a new artist, promo video or a guest’s live performance.