2014 Sam Smith was the only artist in the world to score a million-selling album simultaneously in the UK and the US.

It seemed as if Sam had appeared from nowhere achieving ‘overnight’ success, but Journalist Tim Jonze thought differently ... "Smith has the background to succeed and seems to have been groomed for pop stardom” Tim Jonze Guardian 2014

Tim was right; up to 2007 Sam had three managers … his parents Kate Cassidy and Fred Smith and Neil Watson. They thought Sam was ready to be a pop sensation, there and then, even though he had no original material or creative direction and no professional experience.

Lucky for Sam he met Bob Pearce who introduced him to Venus and Mars Music (V&M) and they signed Sam to their label. So began three pivotal years in Sam’s creative / promotional journey to pop stardom. Dee O’Reilly and John O’Reilly (V&M) were Sam’s dedicated team.

2007-2010 Dee and John devised and implemented a personal programme for Sam which first uncovered and then developed his skills and arts, including his voice. And it was at V&M that Sam experienced all his most important professional firsts including first Chart success.

Interpretation of history can be at odds with actual history but, in this case, there is no such problem. V&M, with a clear vision for Sam’s future, intentionally filmed, recorded and diarised his journey every step of the way. From this they produced a spectacular creative portfolio including the documentary film ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’, ‘The Book Of Sam’ and ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ Album, Singles and Soundtrack.

That journey of the young Sam Smith bound for global stardom, meticulously captured in every way and every step of the way is probably the most authentic historical footprint and remarkable capture of a global pop star on route, to becoming a global pop star; it is also a lasting cultural legacy of the young Sam Smith.

V&M provided the canvas on which Sam could, and did, paint the landscape of his future. He joined V&M as a ‘wannabe’ copycat singer and emerged as a conceptual artists and informed person on the edge of his awesome career.