"‘RELAX 2020’ Sam Smith [PLAY VIDEO] The 2020 Remix Album from Sam. This set of remixes of Smiths eponymous debut album titled… ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ has been given a slick, urban treatment - sparser instrumentation and more rhythm driven. This is an interesting account of Smith the younger. His vocals are clean, and many of the usual high falsetto notes are sacrificed for a more mid to low end resonance, allowing the listener to access the lyrical content on first hearing. With darker production elements drawing from more underground genres it feels "cool", yet it still has pop sensibility, a must for the collection of every Sam Smith fan”. And In The Beginning ‘RELAX 2020’ was Sam’s first album, then titled ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’; it was that album that kick-started Sam’s music career and Sam said ... "I’ve gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it has given me the ability to learn my art”. So you can relax with ‘RELAX 2020’ and also watch out for...

‘Out Of Our Heads’ [PLAY VIDEO] One of the stand out tracks from Sam Smith’s ‘RELAX 2020’ Album is ‘Out Of Our Heads’. A commentary on the start stop relationship telling the story of its’ ultimate demise - typical Smith sentiment. The track has an underlying hip hop feel, with vocal cycles to push it forward. It would be interesting to hear the original recording. Have a listen.

‘Momentarily Mine’ [PLAY VIDEO] The latest remix off Sam’s First Album. Sam sings of the shared perfect moments in all deep human relationships, before the crushing realisation that once experienced, they can never be relived.  Sam's emotive vocals over a  production of  synth lead beats,  allows for a less sentimental final interpretation than the original mix, maybe making it a little more accessible ... and  who ever the dancer is in the official video (is it Sam?), I want the outfit ... even if only Momentarily.

"I’ve gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album,
it has given me the ability to learn my art” Sam


songwriters: Ria John Bob (Hemmings / Conlon / Pearce) | label: Venus & Mars Music | publisher: Orestes Music Publishing | pr: viv @



Live at the Spectator
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Out Of Our Heads - Sam Smith
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Out Of Our Heads - Sam Smith
Momentarily Mine
single - click here

All This Madness - Sam Smith
single - click here
The Lost Tapes Remixed
dance album - Kosmo Records
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2014 Sam Smith was the only artist in the world to score a million-selling album simultaneously in the UK and the US. It seemed as if Sam had appeared from nowhere achieving ‘overnight’ success, but Journalist Tim Jonze thought differently ... "Smith has the background to succeed and seems to have been groomed for pop stardom” Tim Jonze Guardian 2014

Tim was right; up to 2007 Sam had three managers … his parents Kate Cassidy and Fred Smith and Neil Watson. They thought Sam was ready to be a pop sensation, there and then, even though he had no original material or creative direction and no professional experience. Lucky for Sam he met Bob Pearce who introduced him to Venus and Mars Music (V&M) and they signed Sam to their label. So began three pivotal years in Sam’s creative / promotional journey to pop stardom. Dee O’Reilly and John O’Reilly (V&M) were Sam’s dedicated team.

2007-2010 Dee and John devised and implemented a personal programme for Sam which first uncovered and then developed his skills and arts, including his voice. And it was at V&M that Sam experienced all his most important professional firsts including first Chart success. Interpretation of history can be at odds with actual history but, in this case, there is no such problem. V&M, with a clear vision for Sam’s future, intentionally filmed, recorded and diarised his journey every step of the way. From this they produced a spectacular creative portfolio including the documentary film ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’, ‘The Book Of Sam’ and ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ Album, Singles and Soundtrack.

That journey of the young Sam Smith bound for global stardom, meticulously captured in every way and every step of the way is probably the most authentic historical footprint and remarkable capture of a global pop star on route, to becoming a global pop star; it is also a lasting cultural legacy of the young Sam Smith. V&M provided the canvas on which Sam could, and did, paint the landscape of his future. He joined V&M as a ‘wannabe’ copycat singer and emerged as a conceptual artist and informed person on the edge of his awesome career.

Sam’s words testify to a happy, creative journey with V&M. Sam recognised the significance of V&M's role in his journey to success and always expressed that.

2007 Thank you soooo much for this opportunity! I am soo excited! I want to be known for my singing and music so much it is unreal. I hope this is the beginning of an incredible relationship. Thanks for everything xxxxx Sam

2008 At the moment I am recording my debut album. I am truly at the highest point in my life and I don’t want to fall quite yet because frankly I'm having one hell of a blast!! Thank you for the amazing support and god bless to all of you. all my love and affection!!! Sam x
I am in absolute love with my record company. Sam x

2009 December. I can feel it in my bones that 2010 will be out of this world!! Thank you for being SO thoughtful. MERRY CHRISTMAS! xx
All my love CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU. Sam xx
I do love what i do, and what you guys do for me. And i know we can do this....!!! Sam. I've gone on an incredible, incredible journey with the first album, it has given me the ability to learn my art. Sam

2010 I love 'Sam Smith Diva Boy’ I have grown up with it and I have grown as a person with it. Sam
I'm planning on sticking with you guys until i die. Hahaha if you want to drop me, that’s fine!!!! I hope not) Sam xx
We will never drop you, we’re committed to you and won’t change. We’re sticking with you and we’re made out of glue. Dee and John xx

V&M taught me that love is vital. Sam x