2007-2010... Sam was signed to Venus & Mars Music (aka Flipbook Music)

‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ - 75 min Documentary Film - A Portrait of Sam 2007-2010. It is not telling or revelatory, simply a transparent and authentic portrait of the young Sam on the edge of an awesome future.
‘According To…Sam’ - 35 min one-to-one interview - Sam’s first interview for TV in which he reflects on his journey with V&M and expresses his newly informed views on life, love, music, religion, sexuality, fame and more. 'AccordingTo...'is also a pilot for a new TV Series.
‘Sam Smith The First Album’ - 45 min Documentary
 Shorts - ‘MayDay’ | ‘Bad Day All Week | ‘AtoZ’ of Sam | ‘Firsts’ | ‘When It’s Alright’ | ‘How To Become A Global Pop Star’
‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ Sam’s first album
‘MayDay’ Sam’s first self-penned concept album (unfinished)
‘Sam Smith The Lost Tapes Remixed’ is ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ remixed & released worldwide by Kosmo Records.
‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ Soundtrack to the ‘Sam Smith Diva Boy’ Documentary
 Covers - recorded by Sam
 Live Performances - recorded including originals and cover songs
'The Book Of Sam' 2007-2010
500 pages of... Stories, diaries and exchanges between V&M and Sam | Sam’s journey with V&M | Pictures of Sam.


Sam Smith Diva Boy Album Documentary

Sam Smith Diva Boy
45 min album documentary

According To...Sam

According To... Sam
Sam's first interview for TV


TV Short

Sam Smith Diva Boy Album

Sam Smith Diva Boy
first album